English Men Peter Dyer, Owner Of The Ship Yacth Arrives at Port Krueng Geukueh Directly Checking Ship Condition

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English man, London-based Peter Jeremy Daviv was the owner of Yacth ship arriving at Port Krueng Geukueh, North Aceh on Friday 17 January 2020, checked the condition of his stranded ship from Phuket, Thailand a few days ago in the waters of the Malacca Strait found By two fishermen from Krueng Mane, North Aceh. Kanal Inspirasi/Rahmat Mirza

NORTH ACEH – Yacht owners allegedly originated from Thailand who had been tossed in the waters of the Straits of Malacca and was discovered by two fishermen from Krueng Mane, Muara Batu Subdistrict, Saturday, January 11, now arriving at Krueng Geukueh Harbor, North Aceh, to check the ship’s condition, Friday afternoon, January 17, 2020.

The yacht owner, Peter Jeremy David is familiarly called Peter Dyer of England, London.

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The arrival of Peter Dyer in Port Krueng General Geukueh was greeted by the coordinator of Sea and Beach Care Unit (KPLP) Lhokseumawe, Yusriadi.

Peter Jeremy David said, the main cause is stranded into the waters of the Straits of Malacca precisely in the waters of North Aceh because the anchors or the barriers to the seabed are not strong enough to hold the sailing vessel parked in the waters of Phuket, Thailand.

So that when the wind was carried away was dragged the beard because it was not so strong hold the current.

But on this occasion I do not want to assume any kind, because there is not any evidence that can suspect that it is for example stolen (sailing ship) or what it is, yes.

But what I assure you now is that the yacht was carried away with the wind, said Peter Jeremy David to the crew of journalists at the Port Krueng Geukueh on Friday (17/1).

According to Peter Jeremy, the incident was on January 4, 2020 then. He got news that the ship was already in North Aceh on 11 January 2020.

“So, as long as a week of sailboats are tossed around with the wind power at sea, it could have reached 250 nautical miles. The initial estimate was stranded to Nicobar or the archipelago east of the Indian Ocean. But apparently not to the wave, and it turns to the waters of North Aceh.

Previously, we have also told the navy or the authority of the sea and Coast Guard at Nicobar to see this yacht. But they did not find it, finally got the news from the ship Yacth in North Aceh and now the vessel was secured in the port Krueng Geukueh “said Peter Jeremy in English.

Peter Dyer claimed to be getting the news from his friend in Phuket who sent a piece of paper from one of his newspapers and online media. “So the news also got viral from among our community and became a conversation, so, ” said Peter.

“But tomorrow (Saturday, 18 January 2020) I will check the condition of the ship is anything less. So, I’ll go back to Phuket again and whatever ship I need to bring here and including the crew, “says Peter Dyer.

Safety supervisor of the Office of the Integrity and Port Authority (KSOP) through the coordinator of Sea and Coast Care Unit (KPLP) Lhokseumawe, Yusriadi, said the sailing boat (yacht) is a Thai flag based on the existing documents.

“The yacht owner, (Peter Dyer) also carries a document or a report letter regarding the loss of the Yacth ship, addressed to the Thai police, shown to us. Then the ship’s certificate or insurance. But the document is in the process of verifying the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) RI. That is, later if it is obvious that he (Peter) as the rightful owner of the sailing ship, then there is a process of handover from us as officers of the Syahbandar, “said Yusriadi.

Yusriadi continues, lest there be another party who claims that it ships them (third party). “So, the process of verifying documents from Peter Jeremy David is currently running, because the document we have already sent to the center (Jakarta)”.

“While waiting, maybe in this week there is a news whether the document is actually his (Peter) yacht. We are not able to convey the results of the verification process how many days are completed, because the process in the center and later they will convey to us the result. But usually faster, “said Yusriadi. []

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